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Paneer (Chenna) made fresh out of 1lt. full cream milk
Sugar - 100g
Water - 1 ½ glass


Once the Paneer cools a bit, put it in a mixer for 2 minutes. So that it will be smooth without any lumps. In a plate kneed the Paneer with hand for several more minutes then make small balls of this Paneer 
dough. Make around 6 balls of equal size each. Keep the Paneer balls aside.
In a pressure cooker (preferably 3 lts.), add water and sugar. Boil this and once the water comes to a boil, add the balls. Close the lid and cook it on full flame.
After one whistle, lower the flame and cook for another 5 minutes. After 5 minutes switch off the stove and let the pressure cooker for some time.  Once the steam is out, open the pressure cooker and take the swelled Rasgullas out and put it in a bowl. Boil the left out syrup for few more minutes to make it thicker, pour the syrup on the Rasgullas.
Once the Rasgullas comes to room temperature, it can be consumed or it can be kept inside a refrigerator and served later.


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