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Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain, an American food chain with the French name offering globally eaten food.

This afternoon we went to Au Bon Pain in J P Nagar for the late lunch and also try the Indian-ized "Clam Chowder".

We ordered soup sandwich combo as it lured us to save few rupees. My buddy had Chicken Pesto Panini with Tuscan Chicken Pasta soup and then the second serving of Hot Garlic Chicken Soup and I had Mediterranean Hummus 
and Olive sandwich with Thai Vegetable soup.

The place is quite a chaos and food was below our expectation. Though it is a self service place, but their lady keeps moving around trying to assist though it works the other way around. So need to be a bit careful while ordering.
The soup was a bit of disappointment. It was given in the paper cup and the scooped out round bread was given separately. We were to pour the soup in the giant crater in the middle of the round loaf to enjoy really an Indian version of the much famous "clam chowder". 

Secondly the bread wasn't 'sour dough' but a regular white bread. Infact the soup served in the paper cup doesn't even fill the bread crater fully, and we had to order another cup of soup. The irony is that this bread comes at a price of twenty five rupees which is additional.

The sandwiches were okay but nothing great about the place. I thought mine would be given in a pita bread as it had 'Mediterranean Hummus', instead it was given in the American Bun. It had huge rings of onion, tomatoes and cucumber on top of Hummus. 

They do have a small parking with the fairly steep slope in the 'so called' basement of the building. Careful while moving out, as the chassis is likely to rub the concrete. 

Just a word, do not attempt to park on the curb as the cops normally park their vehicles there to check on the traffic violators.
This experience costed us five hundred rupees, well it cant be 'only' as it was quite a bit for the food that we had.

The address is:

Au Bon Pain Cafe India Ltd
15, J P Nagar, 4th Phase
Bangalore  560 078
TF: 080-2658 8022

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