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Cafe Coffee Day - NH7

Last weekend, we went to Hogenakkal. We had heard a lot about the Hogenakkal waterfall and especially after the movies (Roja & Raavan), the place was really in the limelight. Well, since it’s not a travel-blog, I will not delve any further and will restrict myself.
On the way, we stopped at HP gas station. The complex houses McDonald, and Coffee Day. McDonald offers beautiful outdoor seating too.
Cafe Coffee Day
Cafe Coffee Day has an amazing set-up, infact fairly huge, spacious and air-conditioned. Sofas are comfortable to stretch the legs.

Their menu offers fairly good variety unlike the ones in the city. We ordered Idli (steamed rice dumpling), sambar (lentil and vegetable curry) and Eggs/Toast. They also offer wheat parathas.

There were 3 decent sized Idlis soaked in sambar and an omelette with 2 toasts. Along with this, we had a black coffee and hot lemon tea.

The stopover at Cafe Coffee Day was just right for a tummy, not a bite less and not a bite more.

It is a self service cafe, apparently open 24 hours is located on NH7 between Hosur and Krishnagiri. All this for only two hundred ten rupees. Surprising cheaper than the city. 


Cafe Coffee Day
Next to HP Petrol Pump
20-25 km before Krishnagiri
That would put around midway between Hosur and Krishnagiri
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