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Caffe Pascucci

Caffe Pascucci is a cool place to hang around with friends or family. The music isn’t too loud and can have conversations over coffee.

This place sans doubte offers great food menu besides of-course their exotic coffees. But if you are regular 'frappe' drinker, then this place is a strict no no for you.

Yesterday, I along with a bunch of my friends went to Caffe Pascucci cuddled in J P Nagar. The place offers beautiful outdoor sitting too. So if you are air conditioned freak, you can easily pull some chairs and cuddle under the parapluie.

Though I have been there several times, but still the menu is confusing. As always, yesterday too, I decided to order what appealed my eyes the most. Some confusco (pretty tongue twister name)

My friends ordered organic green tea ( much to health food). We decided to order slimmer’s pizza too. The service is fairly quick, though the pizza takes a little while to bake. This speciality thin crust wood fire pizza is served only at Jaynagar and J P Nagar joint.

The conversations kept rolling and we didn’t even realize that we had conveniently gobbled quite a few calories, and still the straw was lurking for more.

Sometimes, the place does offer decent discounts to master or visa card holders. The coffee costed one hundred and forty rupees while the pizza was around two hundred rupees.  Well, I am still trying to figure out extra ‘f’ in cafe.

The address is:

15 Cross, 14th Main Road
Phase II, J P Nagar

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