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Claytopia is a quaint coffee shop set amidst the busy lanes of Koramangla. The parking isn't a problem either as you have huge lane to park just before bistro.

As you step inside, you find a huge courtyard adorned with chairs and tables, primarily four-seaters. They have an indoor seating too where you can see lot of clay potteries on the wall racks. And there are a set of brushes kept in  a stand on each table. Idea is you can pick up the pot that you would like or depending upon the price, and then paint the way you would like. Later they take it and put it in the kiln, coat it with other paint, glaze it, and there you get it your goodie. The whole process takes roughly around a week to ten days but is surely a great place. Besides you can sit and have snacks or choose from the hordes of coffee they got to offer. 

Don't hesitate to ask them if you are stumped with the flaunting names.

The place is ideal for kids birthday parties, and they have varied packages wherein kids test their painting skills and have food to satiate their hunger.

Pressed for time, we ordered two basic iced cold coffees. Well, it comes in a huge mug more like a beer mug unlike your sleek slender glasses. The coffee was good both for the palate as well as the pocket. The experience costed us one hundred twenty rupees only.
It is surely a must visit place for coffee lovers or would like to spend some quiet time with their coffee.

They have another bistro in Indira Nagar.

The address is:
80 feet road
Koramangla 1st Block

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