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Dark - Dine Invisible

I have been itching to update the review section on the site ever since we visited the Dark - Dine Invisible restaurant. It is truly a different and may be a memorable experience.

My buddy had picked up this restaurant after reading its snippet in the magazine ‘The week’. He tried to find more information but could not find much about the restaurant.  He had told me that it will be a different experience and I should be prepared for it while the food may or may not be great.

We left our place a little after seven in the evening. Took the Domlur flyover, and then straight onto hundred feet road, till thirteenth main, where we took the right and thereafter straight road to the restaurant.

We reached the place and my buddy told the hostess that we would like to dine at the Dark room. Well, they have two separate dining areas, one is their fine dining (far cry from fine dining) room and the other is the Dark room. 

There my buddy told me about this place where we would dine and also the waiter, who would be blind. The though could not seep-in of paying and having dinner at the restaurant with not even single streak of light.

The hostess asked us about the food preference as it could be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We ordered one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian. There is nothing further to decide, its more like buffet but served on a plate.

We were asked to wait for fifteen minutes, as they needed time to prepare the food. The wait period helped to seep the thought in my mind that we will be dining at the restaurant where the room will be pitch dark and server will be blind. Reading my mind, the hostess commented that we would be spending some time in the restaurant which is totally dark while the blind people lead their life in this darkness all throughout.

After waiting for some time, which indeed was a long wait, we were escorted on the second floor.

The hostess introduced us to the server ‘Mr Chandrasekhar’ who was blind. We shook hands, and then were asked to switch off the mobiles as any light would dampen the experience.

The server held our hand, escorted us inside the room, and closed the door. He made us feel the table so that we know where the plate would be placed and then made us sit on the chairs. Believe me it was totally DARK, we could not see a thing. My buddy sat next to me, so there was a bit of comfort.

We were given a plate of food which had four main course dishes, along with noodles and fried rice. Along with it there was some Jelly cake dessert. (I could figure it out only while I was rolling them with fork or after tasting it).

In the dark, the waiter served us water and guided our hands to the flatware on the table.

The server asked us to eat with hand so that we could feel the dishes and realize what we are eating. He sat somewhere in the room and would come as and when we called him.

The food was okay not great and it had too much grounded black pepper, which sometimes kills the taste. Nevertheless the experience was a life teaser.

My buddy could wrap up the entire plate in few minutes while I was still struggling. We asked Mr Chandrasekhar if there was anything else too. He told us that there isn't anything more. He asked us how was the food and then gave us paper napkin to clean the hands. We thanked the server and he then escorted us outside the dark room. Oh my God, finally we could see the things again.

Always we have had food in the presence of light, be it artificial or natural, and if there is no electricity , then either we wait or light the candle. It has been said that the sight of food increases the appetite and one tends to be satisfied when you see the food while eating, discounting music and ambiance. Here we ate the food without any light. Did not know what we were eating and only the tongue could savor the bites.

Imagine the life of blind people, how they eat the food, what experience would they have after eating since the day remains same for them, no matter morning or night.

Can you imagine being so defenseless and supported by a blind? It was totally an unforgettable experience.

On the way back, we both discussed the experience. In our daily lives, we curse each moment, on the road saying too much traffic, it takes too long while driving our own car. Have we ever thought of people who travel miles to reach the destination, change a few buses in between, and are at the mercy of others to help them cross or board the bus. 

The waiters at this restaurant are trained by National Association for Blind - Karnataka and are able to find a few employers who would like to engage them.

Not everybody would like to dine in at this place but it is surely a place for some hearts. This surreal experience costed us nine hundred rupees. Well, I got to know that 'Dans le Noir' is a successful chain of restaurants that has presence in Europe. SO check the Indian place...

The address is

No. 1302, Benaka Plaza
10th Main Road, HAL 3rd Stage
Jeevanbheema Nagar
TF: 080-25200016


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