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Dilli Chaat Wallah

The other day we wanted to eat something ‘chat patta’ and so decided to reve the engine towards the newly opened Kebab Souk ‘Dilli Chaat Wallah’ in J P Nagar.

We must have reached around 7 or 7.30 and the place was crowded. We parked our car on the curb as there wasn’t any parking except the lanes of course.

Since we wanted to have the chaat, we were asked to collect it from outside, though it can be eaten inside the small restaurant.

We ordered 'Dwaraka ki chaat' and 'Aloo Tikki'. Well the taste wasn’t what we excepted. The chaat papri is not lkie the one that you get in Delhi, the papri was much thick and hard, tasted more like mathi. Neither did my buddy liked the aloo tikki. It was overly tangy diluting the real taste of chaat. We must say that the taste was no-where close to dilli ki chaat.

Besides this we also ordered ‘Jalebi rabri’ to wrap up the tangy taste. Jalebi was okay though we had to return the first plate as it was cold. It has to be hot Jalebi with cold Rabdi. 
Rabdi seemed more like from a premix and not from the thickened milk. 

Inside the restaurant it is primarily ‘roti’ and ‘subzi’. Well, there is also a small catch to the name if you are looking for non-vegetarian food. My buddy who is an ardent non-vegetarian was slightly disappointed by the name ‘kebab souk’, as they serve only vegetarian food.

Well, the place has nice furniture, not too fancy and decent ambience but still the connect is missing. First it was a bit too noisy with kids throwing tantrums and then the cleanliness. The walls need to adorn some pieces too.

The entire experience was around two hundred rupees only. 

Well, there are a few small eateries in BTM layout which offer better chaat stuff then this fancy chaat wallah.


Dilli Chaat Wallah (Kebab Souk)
JP Nagar 6th phase ring road
(close to the underpass)

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