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The French Loaf

Craving for French cuisine, head for The French loaf. Well, it’s not totally French French but would say Indian French.

The French loaf provides a whole lot of eating option ranging for bakery to freshly made sandwich.

On the way to the weekend grocery shopping, we decided to halt at The French Loaf in Koramangla. They have various outlets across the town but we visted the one in Koramangala. We had always wanted to stop by, but well it never happened. It was a perfect day, with good sunshine to beat the winter sun.

They have a small drive-way to park the car. Well, the entrance of this place is pretty interesting, quite European, with green and white awning covering the patio, having a few tables laid there.

We stepped inside, as it was kind of hot to sit out. There is a wide disconnect in the ambience. From European outside, it moves to bland take-away place in the first room and then there are 4-5 few white couches placed in the next room. The service is slow, so if you are in hurry and want to grab a quick bite, then one should avoid. They do get confused with the order, so keep an eye as your neighbour may be sipping your beverage. Well, this is totally personal experience and it may vary if you are lucky enough.

I ordered vegetable sandwich while my buddy opted for chicken. Along with it we asked for lemon iced tea, perfect refreshing drink to beat the heat. To order we had to fill out the small questionnaire kind of paper indicating the choice of bread, stuffing, dressing etc, kind of ‘WhichWich’ of U.S.

The sandwiches were quite stuffed and nicely grilled. But along with it they gave us packets of chips rather than the fresh potato fries. So if you don’t want to eat the chips, you can carry it your bag. This was pretty unique as atleast I haven’t seen it this way anywhere.

The iced tea was good, but not great. Firstly it wasn’t iced but just cold and then there was no hint of lime or a dash of mint.

This brunch was only for four hundred odd rupees. This is surely a good place to grab some sandwiches or freshly baked sugary treats or may be a packet of plain meringue which is normally lying on top of their dessert counters.

It was a nice weekend brunch giving enough food to skip the lunch, surely a value for money. Well, they provide free home delivery within the radius of 3 km. 

The address is:

The French Loaf

Koramangla 4th Block, 80ft Road

Before Sony word signal


TF: 080-3221 7202

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