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Few days back we went to the ibaco, the ice cream destination, the newly opened outlet in Bangalore.

On the sight of the ice creams, the place didn’t look like ‘the ice cream destination’, but since we had already entered the outlet it would have looked impolite to step out. So we decided to try out the flavors. My buddy ordered Orange flavor while I picked Vanilla Choco Chip single scoop.

Next to it ice cream counter, is the “dressing counter”, nuts and syrups for the ice cream. We asked him if we have to pay extra for the nuts, he said the ice cream is sold by weight, so you can add whatever you may want. I asked him to add a spoon of crushed wheat and a spoon of mixed nuts. Since it comes with the weight wherein the customer has to pay each extra spoon , the tender liberally added the nuts and inspite of my telling him not to stop!

 The ice cream was served in the disposable low quality plastic cup, which is surely huge cup for a single scoop.

The Orange flavour was almost melted scoop, didn’t look appealing at all and the vanilla one has ice blended in it.

Well, this all is for a single scoop of ice cream. The ice cream taste isn’t that great too. I can surely bet the other places in town serve better ice creams than this joint.