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Kebab at Wonderla

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Since its not a travel site, I will not detail the wonderla, and would straight away head to our "food" experience.

After jumping in the wave pool, we were dam hungry and ofcourse cold too. There we spotted a vendor located at the most probable location selling seekh kebabs. My buddy had his equally famished friend, decided to gorge on the kebabs. There they ordered one plate of smoked kebabs and one of

These kebabs are sold like hot cakes and all was over within an hour.

The price is slightly steep, but then one should have enough dough if you are planning to visit wonderla. Besides entry tickets, a lot goes in the food too.

A quick tip for all those who wanna enjoy desi meal after a great day at Wonderla. Head to Trimula. Its a good family place located on the Bangalore Mysore road.

So once you are out on the highway, you have to take a U turn as it’s on the other side of the road.

There we ordered half butter chick, veg kadai, butter naan, garlic naan and masala papad.

The food is fairly decent and service is quick too. They may overcharge for the aerated drinks, but there is no way out. You may buy it from the vendor outside the restaurant, and hopefully there shouldn't be any problem.