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Khaaja Chowk

An auto ride
Khaaja Chowk, a beautiful themed restaurant offering non greasy North India/Punjabi cuisine. Interestingly, it has set up 2-3 tables in a auto, though each can accommodate only 2 on the passenger side, while maybe 1 or 2 kids on the other side, because of the seat height.

We went on an afternoon, and had made a reservation for table preferably in the "Auto", ideally no one would be keen to sit and eat in an auto.  Wall decor

The seats aren't comfortable especially if an elderly person wants to enjoy the experience. Firstly the step is almost two feet high making it extremely inconvenient for a person to climb, and has a very narrow way.  Well once you are up on the seats then surely it is comfortable, but the third person is surely going to have a bumpy seat primarily because of the height of the seat.  The wall decor is amazing showing the excerpts of either the matrimonial ad or the sale/purchase of some magic bed sheets or their available menu. One of the table had arranged the cosmetics ranging from lipsticks to nail paints below the glass table to give a look and feel of the Khaaja Chowk.

We ordered Hara bhara kebab as starter and spinach, mushroom, corm and Chicken Burrah as the main course. Along with that we have garlic naan, phulka and tandori rots. Well, the food is amazing. Earlier we were little apprehensive on ordering two dishes of spinach, but surprisingly both were different in taste. Spinach corn and mushroom had cut spinach, with baby corn and mushroom, and not a mere spinach gravy as one would get elsewhere. Chicken dish could have been a little better. Nevertheless we enjoyed the experience. Interesting they serve child beer too.

You can avoid the Paan from the small Paan kiosk outside the restaurant on the main road. It was a let down with ants dancing on the paan.  

Overall it is a great place to enjoy good food. The total tab for this experience was One Thousand Eight Hundred Rupees.

The address is:
Khaaja Chowk
276, 100 ft, HAL 2nd Stage
Indira Nagar
Bangalore 385038
TF: 080 4092 0585