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Pasta Street

Pasta street name

Have you guys been to Pasta Street? You have missed something...This quaint little place set in busy in Cunningham Road, walls adorning the pictures of beautiful alley’s and monuments of Italy and tasteful interiors, offer excellent varieties of pasta with a selection of fine sauces. 

Pasta street

The place has various seating options from inside or the first floor or even outside to let people enjoy the Italian food while enjoying the city’s weather.

Longing to have a good Italian food, we decided to check out Pasta Street. Though the drive was long but the experience was worth the effort.

This time we decided to let go any aperitifs or appetizers, but instead ordered main course. We ordered Chicken Carbonara and Florence Tomato with additional toppings of Zucchini and mixed peppers. Chicken Carbonara was in the white sauce, while the other as the name suggests was in tomato based sauce.

Italian pasta

The portions are fairly decent, and the slice of garlic bread (Cibatta) which comes as complimentary keeps you longing for more. Ofcourse, that comes with the charge. Besides the presentation, the pasta was amazing... truly Cibo Delizioso!!!

It leaves you with the contentment of having eaten a great meal. The cost of the meal was around six hundred rupees. 

They also offer valet service, since the parking is a problem on the busy road. It is a total value for money- Excellent food, beautiful interiors, great service and parking facility on top of it. 

The address is:

Pasta Street

27/2 Chicago Avenue

Cunningham Road

Bangalore  560 052

Phone: 080-4097 6578

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