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The Persian Terrace @ Sheraton Brigade Gateway


The Persian Terrace
Amazing place offering breathtaking view! Planning for special party or party for someone special, head to Sheraton at Malleshwaram. It truly lives up to the expectation!!! 

Last weekend, being a special occasion for us, my sister called and told that she is visiting Bangalore and would be in Sheraton for few hours. We decided to drive there and meet her and probably take her out somewhere for dinner. Well, there was something else to our surprise.

We were a little behind the scheduled time of rendezvous, blame it on traffic or on one-way which my GPS could not detect and had to reroute us a few times. Called her and told that we are running late, and she told us that she is late too and is on the way from the airport. Well, we were eased as we don't have to make her wait there.

Reached the mammoth complex of Brigade gateway, and there is Hotel Sheraton facing World Trade Centre and Orion mall on its side. We entered the lobby and sat in the bar lounge on the ground floor to wait for her. She called and told that she will be there. After few minutes, the captain walks up to us, and asks her if we were waiting for ABC. We told yes, and he said "I am XYZ, from now onward  I will take care of you. Please come with me". We were dumbstruck  could not find words to ask him any further. We followed him to the lift, and then gradually ask him, if we will be able to meet the host. He said " I cannot say, it may be or may not be". Well, again the answer wasn't of much help.

He led us to the fourth floor, The Persian Terrace. The place was awesome, beautiful Persian tents created with thick plastic roll sheets on the sides, and glass on the top. Since it had rained that day, we could see water drops on the glass above us.

The Persian Tents

One of the Persian tent holding a long couch adorned with colorful cushions and two chairs was reserved for us. Well, we could not believe to what was going on, called up our sister and she said "it is a surprise for us and enjoy your dinner" which left us speechless.  Meanwhile the server came to ask he if we will care for cold or normal water. For a minute we didn't reply and we looking at each other trying to understand what really happened and where we are...

The server was dedicated to our table, asked for the drink preference, and informed us that he will be getting the appetizers shortly. He told us since one of is vegetarian, he will be getting both separately. Well, how does he get to know???

He served pita and hummus to start with along with the drinks. Then he placed two huge (rice cooker size) table grill with the 3-4 non-vegetarian kebabs and vegetarian delicacies on each side. There we start the uber evening in the amazing middle eastern ambience lit by shimmering lanterns and twinkling tea candles...what else can one ask for???

The terrace has a pool, gives wide open view of Hare Krishna ISKON temple, huge World Trade Centre overlooking us. In other words, it is totally a mesmerizing place.

Well, had a few repeat drinks, and there we were done with the appetizers. Ummm...the main course was too decided for us. We didn't have to bother on anything. The portions were just right too. Had rice and stew which was a decent course after a heavy round of appetizers.

Wow, the things don't end here. There we got a plate each hosting 2 scoops of delicious ice cream - nuts and figs. Finally, we asked him, hope this is the last thing and now we can go. Well, it wasn't before he could say anything, the other guy bought a chocolate cake.

It was an amazing red carpet roof top experience  Thanks to all who planned so that we could enjoy and have a memorable experience. The staff is also very commendable, they didn't unfold the cards before time. Kept the secret well, and let us enjoy each and every moment of the surprise evening planned for us.

The address is:
Sheraton Brigade Gateway
26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road
Bangalore 560055
TF: 080 4252 1000

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