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Phobidden Fruit

This is a nice casual dining restaurant, seating at the lower level as well as on the terrace.

We must have reached around 8, and the place was fairly crowded. Since we were just 2 of us, it was easy for them to offer us a table. The winding metal staircase leads to the terrace. Thankfully they don’t serve alcohol else would have been a herculean task to come down.

We were offered seating on the terrace. The seating was fairly comfortable and was not cluttered with lot of chairs.

Just a word, it may get fairly hot in summer especially because they have the roof covered with tin sheets and only 2-3 ceiling fans for 6-7 tables.

Within two minutes of holding the menu card, my buddy knew what we are going to order.

 As an  entrée we ordered a portion of Vietnamese Chicken sambal (Sliced chicken in mild turmeric sauce) and a soup – Congee chicken, a house special rice soup.

The entrée was okay as turmeric sauce wasn’t really too much of enjoyment. The soup was really good, though it is served in a huge bowl. Thankfully we had asked them to split it in two, and we could enjoy the soup and save some appetite for the main course.

We asked for the menu again as we weren’t too sure. It is good to ask the chef to help you decide what to take for the main course so that it doesn’t get too much for the tummy. Also it is good to choose the right beverage, which we missed.

For the main course, we ordered Pho-chicken, it is a signature dish of the country and is also called as ‘Vietnam in the bowl’ while I ordered Viet red curry-veg. Along with that we ordered tropical fizz, which surely was a wrong choice for the beverage since the food is already spicy and salty.

Tropical fix is a spicy soda drink with salt, lemon, cut green chillies, coriander and other herbs.

The food was amazingly delicious. We enjoyed every bit of it. Viet red curry was accompanied by rice, making it a complete meal by itself.

The visit to that restaurant will not be completed without trying Pho-chicken which resembles the Indian version of Hungarian gulyás.

There to wind up the great evening with sumptuous food, we ordered Che-dessert. It’s a nice summer desert served in the long stemmed glass with sago at the bottom.

The entire experience was around one thousand five hundred rupees only. Well, the place doesn’t offer valet parking, so you need to search in the lanes to park the vehicle.

The address is:

965, 12th Main
HAL 2nd Stage
Indira Nagar
TF: 080-41255175

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