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A handcrafted Yogurt Bar located on 100 feet road and two more locations in Bangalore is a pleasant delight
for the people with sweet tooth. It gives a satisfaction of having eaten the tooth without bothering your mind on the Calories. Last weekend, we the Buddies, went to Pinkberry, and was enamored by the delightful range of yogurts. Well, we tried Original flavor with relishing toppings of granola bar, dates, Chocolate yogurt with chocolate chip toppings. You can add fresh fruits toppings to it too. Their sweet and salty Caramel also tastes strangely good. 

Though a lot of yogurt bars have sprung in the city off late, but this small boutique offers super ambiance, with few seating in the patio, and thronged by uber.

100 Feet Road
Indira Nagar
Bangalore  560 008

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