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Rasta Cafe

Sometime back, we decided to go for coffee after the sumptuo meal at one of our favourite restaurants. Since it was past 11 p.m, all the cafes were closed in Bangalore and we were in no mood to sit indoors for coffee. 

We decided to drive on the Mysore road and check the vibrant Rasta Cafe. We had heard about it but never had the time to go. It is 47 km from the NICE road toll plaza on the Bannerghatta Road. 

We drove for over an hour when we finally saw the Rasta cafe just after the Cafe coffee day on the Mysore road. 

These 2 places are open 24 hours, and a lot of youngsters hang around after party hours. 

Ever since Christmas last year, they have levied a cover charge on Saturdays. And since we visited on Saturday, we had to shell out Rs 500 as a cover charge. This surely help to filter the crowd as a lot a people come and create nuisance.

The place is huge. It can house over 70 people inside and close to 30-40 outside. They have huge wooden benches which gives a very country side feel to it. The menu wasn’t much elaborate. I took cappuccino while my buddy ordered his all time favorite ‘black coffee’. 

They do offer flavoured Sheehsa, and we tried green apple flavoured sheesa along with the coffees. The coffee along with the fruit flavored Sheesha, in the middle of the night was really worth the drive. 

This was at a price of little above five hundred rupees, which we could do with the cover charge that we paid at the entry. 


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Ramanagaram - 562128
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