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Red Bamboo Shoots

The other day we decided to go for dinner at Red Bamboo Shoots as our taste buds were tickling to have some non Indian food. Well opted for Red Bamboo Shoots of BJN group. We had never visited this place before but decided to give it a shot owing to it being part of BJN fraternity.

We ordered Pan seared Mongolian chicken as starter. It was fairly good but spicy. Surprisingly the menu didn't have the spice symbol prefixed to its name, and the spice level was moderately high. Thankfully I had Iced Tea to accompany it. 

For the main course we ordered Chicken Hakka Noodles and assorted vegetable with Tofu in Black Pepper Sauce. The food was okay, nothing great as we would normally expect from BJN restaurants. 

On the other side, the stewards barely understand what you would like to order, they have minimal understanding on the dishes too. I asked the guy to give me Tofu from the dish. He pulled out cauliflower, I said Tofu, then we got the onion, finally I had to literally point to Tofu and tell him to give me that. May be it was one of incident that happened.

We ordered Darsan with Ice cream to wrap up the meal, hoping this would be better. Well, it surely was. Dasan was fettuccine fried and dipped in honey with sesame seeds topped on it. It was good combination with the scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is a must try if you have a sweet tooth.

Overall we didn't really like the place as much as we had expected. It seems like a poor cousin of Samarkhand.

Well for the evening we had to shell out rupees one thousand eight hundred ONLY (out of this four hundred is towards vat, service charge and service tax...phew)

The address is:
Red Bamboo Shoots
Museum Inn
#1 Museum Road
MG Road
Bangalore 560 001
TF: 080 41113333

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