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The Egg Factory

We visited The much talked about "The Egg Factory" last Sunday. It took us a while to decide whether we are really in for a long drive on Sunday morning, well it was around 11 a.m that we finally decided to roar the engine and feel the Bannerghatta road on Sunday. From BTM to St Marks Road, isn't a pleasant drive, no matter what day of the week it is, but thankfully, the egg factory brought cheer on my taste buddy's face. I was glad that he liked the place.
The menu at The Egg Factory is all about Eggs and Eggs and Eggs. But but they do have a few dishes for people who are not Egg-terians. The place was packed in the late morning, with youngsters clamming the place. Luckily we got a corner place, overlooking the tree (which ofcourse is awaiting spring). We were handed over two menus, and, God, the menu is so creative. One can easily get confused flipping the pages, if you have decided not to eat the regular 'Omelete'.
The Egg Factory
Both of us wanted to try out the Frittata. He ordered 'Frittata in Tomato sauce' while I picked 'Southwestern Frittata'. Along with that we ordered 'Chlorophyll fix' and an 'Iced tea'.

The service was very quick. We got the food roughly within 7-10 min. His Frittata was thick pancake of eggs cut in 2 inch pieces topped with Italian tomato sauce. Awesome is the word...

While mine was thick pancake of eggs with veggies, cheddar and smeared with sour cream. It was so good that I still have the taste rolling in my mouth.

For beverage, though I got georgia machine Iced tea and not a freshly made one, the taste was really good. But still, given a choice, I would pick Chlorophyll fix as a beverage whenever I go next. It is a perfect summer drink of basil, mint, soda, sugar etc.

We were full but still wanted to try something more before heading out. There we go. Ordered a portion of 'French toast stuffed with cheese and maple syrup'. Wow this was so yummm. The maple syrup was served in separate bowl in order to avoid the bread getting soggy.

It was a perfect brunch on a lazy Sunday. It is a must visit for lazy breakfast or brunch. All this at six hundred rupees. The best part is that it is open from 8 AM to 10:30 PM serving eggs non-stop.

Ground Floor, Whitehouse,
In the lane besides Dewar's wine store,
St.Marks Road, Bangalore-560001
Phone: +91 - 80 - 42110041

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