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Goa has been renowned among visitors as a party place wherein the music rules the place all night, and liquor flows directly from bottles. It is truly a great place to unwind and feel relaxed. Be it Goan beaches or the cheap liquor or the Bebinca, everything is just mesmerizing. We decided to press the trigger and go Goa, well I must say the decision wasn't regretful at all. End of the trip, we just had one line to say, "No we don't want to leave Goa".

We stayed at a plush hotel at Candolim in North Goa. The first sight of the hotel wasn't impressive and neither was the room, but over the 3 days, they made us love the place. Be it a decent range of buffet breakfast along with the live food counters or the good spread at dinner, we were enamoured by the courtesy and efficiency of the hotel staff specially at Kitsch. The lounge has its own aura, relaxed, airy and dimly lit. Certain nights they even had a live music which added to Goan flavours

Right outside the hotel you can rent a bike or a car and zip around the city. No checks, no issues, just drive.

Amchi Goa we miss you...

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