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Kolkata, what a place, beautiful... The western influence is quite visible in the city's monuments and architecture.
Its super sonic YELLOW Taxis, blaring Horns, still running Trams, convenient Metros, white uniformed Cops, never ending Monuments, welcoming People, finger licking Cuisine, street Chats and Mudis and many more is truly a feast for the senses. 

Sometimes, we literally had to run for life traffic signals, thanks to the over speeding cars. The city motorists do not seem to bother for the speed limit. Street food is the talk of the city, be it tea in the earthen pots or Luchhi Aloo or Mishti Doi. It is also heaven for street and cheap shopping. While in Kolkata, do not miss to try the street food, as it has been widely claimed that the most tasty and irresistible food is only in Kolkata.

One should make it a point to watch the light and sound show at the Victoria Memorial. It happens in the evening and timings around 7 p.m and lasts for an hour or so.

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