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Guys not looking for ambiance but guaranteed good food, should surely visit Nizam's. Located a midst crowed streets of Esplanade, is a heaven for non-vegetarians, and also offers good spread for vegetarians too. It is said that the Kathi rolls, claimed as wraps in the other part of world, has been invented at this very place in 1930's.
We ordered Egg Curry, Lachha Parantha and a Plain Parantha. was amazing. I doubt if we have have ever had such a rich food, that too in the afternoon. But believe me, it was just out of the world. The food was so yum and tasty that we wrapped it all in no time. We ordered Falooda in the end, to have a good ending to the great food. The best part of this place, it doesn't fill you badly, in fact it leaves a happy feeling of having eaten good food and just the right amount.
Their Chicken Biryani too is a must try. My tongue has started to trickle as I am writing the taste of the food. It is surely a must place for foodies.
The address is:

23/24, Hogg Street

New Market Area, Kolkata

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